Putin warns of global nuclear war possibility if Western troops sent to Ukraine

by | Feb 29, 2024

Vladimir Putin promised to fulfill Russia’s goals in Ukraine before vehemently warning the West against deepening its involvement in the Ukraine-Russia war, noting that any such action poses the threat of a global nuclear conflict.

In a state-of-the-nation address prior to the election that he is all but certain to win, Putin's blunt warning highlighted his willingness to raise the stakes in the tug-of-war with the West in order to defend the gains made by Russia in Ukraine.

Putin warned that it would have “tragic” consequences for the nations who decide to deploy Western ground troops to Ukraine, an apparent reference to French President Emmanuel Macron's earlier statement earlier this week.

Putin noted that while Russia was being accused of having intentions to attack NATO allies in Europe, Western allies were “selecting targets for striking our territory” and “talking about the possibility of sending a NATO contingent to Ukraine.”

“We remember the fate of those who sent their troop contingents to the territory of our country,” Putin stated in an obvious reference to Hitler and Napoleon’s failed invasions. “Now the consequences for the potential invaders will be far more tragic.”

Putin labeled Western leaders as lacking responsibility and being wreckless, declaring that the West should remember “we also have the weapons that can strike targets on their territory, and what they are now suggesting and scaring the world with, all that raises the real threat of a nuclear conflict that will mean the destruction of our civilization.”

Putin had issued previous warnings, repeatedly pointing out Russia's nuclear might since sending troops to Ukraine two years ago, in an effort to stop the West from increasing its military support for Kyiv.

Putin reiterated that the military has deployed potent new weapons, some of which have been tested on Ukrainian soil, and that Russia's nuclear forces are “full readiness.”

Source: AP News



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