Sources indicate that the GOP’s alert regarding a “national security threat” pertains to Russia’s desire to deploy nuclear weapons in space

by | Feb 14, 2024

On Wednesday, the White House's national security adviser and key lawmakers on Capitol Hill aimed to address public concerns following a warning from the House Intelligence Committee chairman. He highlighted a “national security threat” linked to a “destabilizing foreign military capability,” prompting calls for President Joe Biden to declassify “all information” related to it.

According to two sources familiar with Capitol Hill discussions, the intelligence in question revolves around Russia's ambition to deploy a nuclear weapon in space.

The intention behind this initiative wouldn't be to deploy a nuclear weapon onto Earth but rather to potentially target satellites. Nonetheless, one source emphasized the gravity of the matter, describing it as “very concerning” and “very sensitive.”

Rep. Himes, the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, mentioned that discussing whether more information can be declassified regarding this issue is a worthwhile conversation, but it's not appropriate for public discourse.

House Speaker Mike Johnson explained that there will be a collaboration to handle this issue, “just as we handle all classified sensitive matters.”

Source: ABC News



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