President Trump plans to launch new video platform

by | Mar 27, 2024

Donald Trump's Media & Technology Group unveiled its latest initiative aimed at bolstering shareholder value: a “non-woke” streaming service known as TMTG+.

This subscription-based platform, initially revealed by Trump in 2021, is set to offer a range of “non-woke” entertainment, including news, documentaries, podcasts, and other content. The platform aims to provide content that falls outside the influence of “Big Tech,” appealing to viewers disenchanted with the prevailing landscape of digital media.

With a commanding 58 percent stake, Trump would become the first U.S. president with a controlling interest in a publicly traded company if elected in November.

This wouldn't mark the first instance of Trump's involvement with a publicly traded stock. Trump Hotel & Casino Resorts, which went public in June 1995 under the ticker DJT, experienced a robust market debut. The ticker symbol DJT is the same as that of Truth Social, Trump's latest venture.

“We built this company to protect the American people's voices and their freedom. Having transformed into a public company, Truth Social remains committed to maintaining and vehemently defending a digital space for free expression,” said chief executive officer Devin Nunes.

The company sees Truth Social's listing on the stock market as indicative of Americans' desire for platforms that uphold free speech values and reject the perceived censorship enforced by Big Tech.

Source: Newsweek



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