Sean Morgan

Sean Morgan

Sean Morgan

On Badlands Media, you can find Sean’s articles on the Substack and watch his weekly show with Burning Bright entitled “Game Theory.” The theme of the show is to open-mindedly analyze geopolitical events from a strategist’s perspective. Breaking news headlines and themes are discussed through the lens of “Fifth Generation” and “Narrative” warfare.

2020 was the year of the “plandemic.” It was a time when millions of people woke up to the corruption within our national institutions. Sean Morgan started a YouTube channel in that year to question the official narrative from the mainstream media about Covid19, BLM, Riots, Lockdowns, Masks, Vaccines, and Election Integrity.

That small YouTube channel started on March 17, 2020, quickly grew to 60,000 subscribers with millions of views from people who were searching for the truth. YouTube could not allow that message to grow, so the channel was quickly de-platformed for controversial content. That was the beginning of  “The Sean Morgan Report”.

Now Sean is the host of “Making Sense of the Madness” on AMPNEWS.US. It’s a daily news show with high-profile guests such as Sidney Powell, Dr. Robert Malone, Kash Patel, Darren Beattie, and members of Donald Trump’s inner circle. You can find links to all of Sean’s content at

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