A hospital chain was promoted by the Biden name. It then fell apart.

by | Feb 19, 2024

A Philadelphia-area consultant assisted a hospital operator in 2017 as he set out to create an empire for rural health care.

Jim Biden, the consultant, was untrained in managing hospitals. He was connected to labor unions and had knowledge of the federal government, though. He was Joe Biden's younger brother.

Jim Biden, the third of four siblings, was then 67 years old. As he pursued deals that could benefit Americore from drug rehab, lab testing, and even cancer treatment, his ties to his older brother dominated his pitch.

Jim Biden wrote to the CEO of a Tampa-area company that owned the licensing rights to an experimental cancer treatment that the hospital operator wanted to offer, “This would be the perfect platform to expose my Brothers team to [your] protocol.” “could offer a fantastic opportunity for some genuine exposure.”

The email, which POLITICO obtained from a close employee of the business, details one of many instances in which Jim Biden used Americore's name and influence during his work with the company. The company has since filed for bankruptcy, wreaking havoc on rural areas.

According to one former Americore executive, Jim Biden mentioned plans to install his brother on the company's board and give him equity in it. A third former executive told POLITICO that if Americore could come up with a successful business model for rural health care, his brother could support the business during another presidential campaign. To discuss a business that was embroiled in legal and political controversy, everyone was given anonymity.

According to the emails and executives, Jim Biden offered to raise money from Middle Eastern investors to finance Americore's expansion. Americore's already-existing financial problems were made worse when the anticipated funds did not arrive. Unpaid bills and untreated patients were left behind when the business failed.

Hospital staff went unpaid, services decreased, and authorities were compelled to step in as a result of the management failures. A patient at Americore's hospital in southeast Kentucky passed away from cardiac arrest in late 2018 after receiving subpar care, according to a POLITICO-received Department of Health and Human Services report. The hospital had been devastated by staff turnover and dwindling medical supplies.

Federal investigators are still looking into what else transpired at Americore four years after the company filed for bankruptcy.

One of Jim Biden's business partners was charged with fraud involving loans to the company by the Securities and Exchange Commission in September; the business partner has since denied the charges.

In the meantime, the Justice Department discovered that Americore's hospital in Pennsylvania paid kickbacks and entered into phony service agreements as part of a scheme to charge the government for lab tests that were sent elsewhere and were medically unnecessary.

A person familiar with the case claims that the federal prosecution of a$ 100 million Medicare fraud conspiracy, which resulted in the recipient of the kickbacks entering indictment, is still ongoing.

Americore is currently the target of House Republicans ‘impeachment investigation into the president's business dealings with his relatives. Jim Biden will be questioned by the House Oversight Committee on February 21 as part of the investigation.

A POLITICO investigation provides the most thorough picture to date of how Joe Biden's relatives used his public status to advance a private business venture as the layers of activity that took place in and around Americore are peeled back in federal prosecutions in Pennsylvania, bankruptcy courts in Kentucky, and tense witness interviews on Capitol Hill.

Jim Biden's position at Americore was more significant than previously thought, according to the investigation, which was based on public records, court filings, dozens of interviews, and hundreds of exclusively obtained internal documents. His name is listed as one of the business ‘top executives in some internal materials and investor materials. According to emails obtained by POLITICO, he personally fired Americore's chief financial officer and assisted the company in obtaining regulatory approval to purchase the Pennsylvania hospital.

In addition to the accounts provided by former executives, investor materials described Jim Biden as his older brother's advisor. The investigation also reveals a greater level of involvement with the company than previously thought.

Additionally, at least three of Joe Biden's relatives did work for Americore in addition to the CEO of the company, as previously reported. They include Jamie Biden's son and his wife Sara.

According to an email obtained by POLITICO and a former executive, Hunter Biden met with the company CEO as well. Kevin O'Connor, his personal doctor, is currently employed by the White House.

The documents gathered by POLITICO show that Joe Biden was a key component of Jim Biden’s pitch to potential partners and investors during this time, despite the fact that the extent to which his relatives have used their ties to him to advance their business careers has been the subject of ongoing debate.

None of these Biden family members would respond to specific Ameriore-related inquiries. In-depth requests for comment were not answered by the White House.

No criminal wrongdoing has been brought against Jim Biden. He “conducted himself ethically and honorably in all his business dealings,” according to his attorney, Paul Fishman. Jim Biden's spokesman wrote, “We are not able to participate in this story at this time,” and he declined to respond to specific follow-up questions.

Joe Biden did not participate in the company or take any action on its behalf, according to POLITICO's investigation. Joe Biden did, however, gain something indirectly from his brother's employment. On the same day Jim Biden received a $200, 000 payment from Americore, he made out a check for his brother Joe. The White House has said the check was for repayment of a loan, but did not respond to questions about the circumstances of the loan, including whether Joe Biden was aware of his brother's income from Americore.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, stayed on the sidelines as his name and family entangled with a business that was marketed as carrying on his legacy but is actually accused of defrauding taxpayers.

One of the former executives said, “I was sold that Americore would save rural hospitals.” It didn’t take long to realize that everything was a scam.




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