Trump makes another request for recusal of judge in hush money case

by | Apr 2, 2024

President Trump's legal team has once again requested Judge Merchan to recuse himself from his New York hush money trial. This request comes seven months after the judge previously declined a similar plea made by defense lawyers.

Defense lawyers submitted a letter on Monday asserting that Judge Juan Merchan's daughter's employment with the digital consulting firm Authentic Campaigns creates a continuing financial interest linked to Trump’s criminal trial.

In a filing submitted on Tuesday, prosecutors from the Manhattan DA’s office countered the defense's request for the recusal, arguing that the defense's request was factually inaccurate, did not present any new information, and should be promptly rejected.

Last year, Trump’s legal team attempted to have Merchan recused from the case citing his political contributions he made to Democrats in 2020, including a donation to Joe Biden. They also pointed to Merchan’s oversight of the 2022 Trump Organization trial and his daughter's work as a political consultant. Merchan declined to recuse himself in an August 2023 ruling, stating that he had throughly evaluated his impartiality and was confident in his ability to remain fair and unbiased. 

In their letter submitted on Monday, Trump's lawyers contended that the circumstances surrounding the trial have evolved since Judge Juan Merchan's decision in August 2023 not to recuse himself.

Source: ABC News



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