Jim Biden did business with Qatari officials: testimony

by | Apr 29, 2024

Recent testimony in a Kentucky bankruptcy court reveals new information regarding Jim Biden's foreign fundraising activities. According to former business associate Michael Lewitt, Jim partnered with Qatari government officials to seek funding for U.S. healthcare projects. Lewitt testified that two companies involved in these efforts were partially owned by individuals connected to the Qatari government.

One of the companies mentioned in the testimony collaborated directly with Jim Biden in his multi-year fundraising endeavors. The second company allegedly provided financial support for a series of loans arranged by Jim Biden for a hospital chain, as per documents and testimony presented by Lewitt during the federal bankruptcy proceedings.

If proven true, these alleged arrangements would represent some of the most direct financial connections between a relative of Joe Biden and a foreign government.

Public records and emails obtained by POLITICO shed light on fundraising initiatives where Jim Biden utilized his connection to his older brother and explored ways to bypass restrictions on international financial transactions. The transactions associated with these efforts were central to a recently resolved fraud case brought by the SEC and are currently under investigation as part of a federal criminal inquiry in Southern Florida.

In February, Jim Biden suggested to congressional investigators that his fundraising endeavors faced obstacles due to a lack of viable projects to support. However, testimony from fund manager Michael Lewitt, previously unreported, reveals ownership details of two companies—Platinum Group USA and Obermeyer Engineering Consulting. This testimony suggests that Jim Biden established closer connections with Qatar's government than previously realized.

As Lewitt is expected to be interviewed by House impeachment inquiry investigators, questions about these efforts are likely to arise. Many aspects remain undisclosed, and despite requests for comment, neither the White House, the Qatari Embassy, nor a representative for Jim Biden responded.


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