Details of Trump’s alleged ‘crime’ in Bragg’s indictment revealed

by | Apr 24, 2024

Reports indicate that prosecutors in the hush money case have provided clarity in court regarding the alleged crime President Trump purportedly intended to hide, which had not been explicitly outlined in the initial indictment.

Last April, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought 34 charges against Trump, alleging that he falsified business documents concerning a $130,000 payment made to silence adult film actress Stormy Daniels regarding her purported affair with him. The prosecution escalated what would typically be a misdemeanor to a felony, contending that this act was aimed at concealing another offense, although they did not specify it at the time.

During a court session on Tuesday, prosecutors elucidated that the crime Trump purportedly sought to conceal through the falsification of business records pertained to a violation of state election law, as reported by multiple sources.

Prosecutor Josh Steinglass's clarification arose following an objection from Trump's attorney, Emil Bove, who pointed out the absence of a conspiracy charge in the indictment. Steinglass was questioning witness David Pecker, former publisher of the National Enquirer, regarding his association with former Trump administration official Steve Bannon.

Prosecutor Matthew Colangelo contended during Monday's opening arguments that Trump's purported reimbursement of former attorney Michael Cohen for the $130,000 paid to Daniels constituted a component of a wider “conspiracy” aimed at influencing the 2016 election. He emphasized three “catch and kill” agreements that Trump allegedly orchestrated with Cohen and Pecker to prevent the disclosure of damaging stories.

Judge Merchan had previously allowed prosecutors to pursue the case based on three theories: Trump's alleged falsification of business records to conceal a violation of federal election law, to hide the intent to violate state election law, or to conceal the intent to violate state tax law.

Tuesday marks the first occasion where prosecutors have explicitly stated they have pinpointed the specific crime.


Source: The Daily Caller



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