Epstein’s little black book to be auctioned

by | May 3, 2024

The original black book belonging to the deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein may soon be up for auction, as stated by online auction house Alexander Historical Auctions. This original book contains details of almost 400 entries, including names and addresses.

This 64-page book is a precursor to the larger book of secret listings that ultimately contributed to his arrest on charges of sex trafficking minors.

The dates found in the book indicate that it was utilized before Epstein established his infamous “Pedophile Island.” Prior to this, he had pleaded guilty in Florida state court in 2008 to one count each of soliciting minors for prostitution and soliciting a prostitute.

The original black book differs from Epstein's second one in that it doesn't include well-known figures like former President Bill Clinton, David Copperfield, and Prince Andrew. There’s no indication that those listed in the original book are suspected of any wrongdoing.

Among the details known about the book, there are entries for The White House, a member of the Kennedy family, and a U.S. congressman.

The entries are printed reproductions that have been scaled down to fit the book, which measures 4.5 inches by 5.25 inches.

The book surfaced after Epstein's death in New York City. According to Business Insider, which authenticated it, the auction house stated, “Of the 1,731 names contained in the two volumes together, 221 appear in our earlier book but do not appear in the larger, later book.”

It appears to be the wealthy financier's initial compilation of friends and allies before he reportedly lost it in midtown New York City during the 1990s.

Initially, the book is being offered through sealed bids, maintaining anonymity. If it fails to sell through this process, it will be publicly auctioned in July. Bidders are provided with an opportunity to review the book at the auction house's offices.

The book has an intriguing backstory: it was discovered on a Fifth Avenue sidewalk in the 1990s and subsequently placed in storage. The owner attempted to showcase it to media outlets once Epstein gained notoriety, but received no response. Eventually, it was listed on eBay and sold for under $500.


Source: The Washington Examiner



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