Zelensky invites Trump to Ukraine

by | Apr 9, 2024

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed in an interview that he had privately encouraged Trump, through intermediaries, to visit Ukraine, noting that Trump had shown interest but had not confirmed a trip yet. Zelensky expressed willingness to consider Trump's suggestions regarding the war.

For several months, Zelensky has publicly invited Trump to visit Ukraine and fulfill his assertion that he could assist in ending the war. In the interview, Zelensky disclosed that his efforts to court Trump had been even more resolute in private discussions.

Despite disagreeing with Trump on war policy, Zelensky conveyed respect for Trump as a leader, expressing eagerness to establish a constructive partnership with him.

Zelensky’s remarks followed a meeting between David Cameron, the British foreign secretary and former U.K. prime minister, and Trump at his Florida estate. The meeting included discussions on supporting Ukraine, despite Cameron's past condemnation of Trump as a bigot.

Trump has consistently expressed skepticism about the war effort in Ukraine and has been critical of Zelensky. Recently, he stated that he would support Russia's ability to act with impunity against NATO members who do not allocate significant funds to defense spending.

While many world leaders are devising strategies for ‘dealing with’ Trump, his relationship with Zelensky has been particularly complex over time. It began with Trump's 2019 effort to pressure Zelensky into announcing an investigation into members of the Biden family conducting business in Ukraine—a scheme that led to Trump's first impeachment, despite Trump’s claims now being corroborated through congressional committee investigations.

Despite Trump and his allies in Congress being viewed as the main hindrance to new American aid, Zelensky noted that he had consistently attempted to reach out and engage with Trump.




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