Trump attorneys cite testimony from witness over phone evidence against Fani Willis

by | Feb 27, 2024

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ most recent filing, which attempted to refute new allegations made against her and her special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, was the subject of President Donald Trump's lawyers' latest court filings.

In a court filing over the weekend, Ms. Willis' office refuted a previous Trump claim that enlisted the help of a private investigator’s analysis of phone records, which suggest he visited her condo far more times than what was recently claimed in a hearing. A Trump co-defendant's recent allegations suggested that Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade were having a secret relationship and that she had received financial benefits from it. The two later confirmed this.

According to Ms. Willis’ office, the records do not prove the content of the communications between Special Prosecutor Wade and District Attorney Willis, nor do they demonstrate that they were ever present at a specific location or address.

Mr. Wade testified earlier this month in court that he recalls not having spent the night at Ms. Willis's home. However, if the cellphone data and records are proven to be accurate and are accepted as proof, it will indicate that he did, in fact, spend the night at her home on numerous occasions.

The witnesses in this case, Wade and Willis, testified that their romantic relationship didn’t start until March or April of 2022, and that neither party had ever spent the night together before the Spring of 2022. They added that the evidence offered by the defense to refute this testimony is admissible” in court.

The evidence that shows that Wade drove from his house to a location close to Willis’ condo (if not exactly to her condo) at midnight and then stayed for five hours—not once but twice in two months, qualifies as relevant.

Trump’s attorneys wrote that only two people are aware, Wade and Willis, and so that nobody will complain about improper speculation, defamatory attempts to distort the truth, or nefarious contacts with the media – they are undoubtedly the ones who should testify and accurately describe what was happening on those occasions.

Instead, the lawyers have only heard that Mr. Wade and Ms. Willis’ romantic relationship began in 2022, but it is highly significant that the State's response did not even attempt to challenge the phone data analysis. The two's court testimony claimed their relationship began after Mr. Wade was hired in the Trump case.

A witness in the case who testified against Ms. Willis, Robin Yeartie, claimed that their relationship began in 2019. Notably, Ms. Willis claimed that Ms. Yeartie was a former friend and that she owned the condo where Ms. Willis once resided.

The Trump team wrote on February 23 that the Mittelstadt analysis would give weight to the claim that Ms. Willis should step down from the case once it was established that she and her boyfriend were dating.

The two made over 2,000 calls and exchanged 12,000 text messages in 2021, according to the investigator's affidavit, months before they claimed the relationship began and before Mr. Wade was hired in the case.

A new hearing for the disqualification case is taking place today. Catch Badland’s coverage of the hearing here.

Source: The Epoch Times


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