Leonard Leo and Koch Networks Invest Millions in Organizations Preparing for Second Trump Administration

by | Mar 21, 2024

Project 2025, initiated by the Heritage Foundation, is gaining significant support from influential conservative donor networks, with over $55 million contributed by groups associated with Leonard Leo and the Koch network. This initiative aims to develop conservative policy recommendations and cultivate a pool of right-wing personnel in preparation for a potential Republican administration, particularly if Donald Trump secures the 2024 nomination and wins the election in November.

Project 2025 also has contributions coming from former high-level Trump administration appointees. With an advisory board comprising over 100 conservative organizations, it's being touted as the most sophisticated transition effort for conservatives.

The advisory board for Project 2025 comprises representatives from conservative groups, many of whom are veterans of the Trump administration, including America First Legal, the Center for Renewing America, and the Conservative Partnership Institute. Additionally, conservative mainstays such as the Claremont Institute, the Family Research Council, and the Independent Women’s Forum are represented on the board.

The initiative's comprehensive approach involves devising a policy agenda for every department, agency, and office within the federal government, outlined in a manifesto.

Ananalysis by Accountable.US indicates that since 2021, Leonard Leo's network has channeled more than $50.7 million to the groups advising the 2025 Presidential Transition Project through its “Project 2025 advisory board,” as revealed in tax documents.

Leonard Leo, a prominent conservative megadonor, has played a significant role in shaping the American judiciary towards the right. He advised Trump on judicial nominations during his presidency, contributing to the establishment of the current conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

Project 2025's energy agenda for the upcoming conservative administration aims to swiftly boost oil and gas leases and production via the Interior Department, prioritizing energy security. Additionally, the agenda proposes restructuring Energy Department offices to shift away from climate change and green subsidies.

According to a proposal by Mandy Gunasekara, former chief of staff at the EPA under Trump, the Environmental Protection Agency plans to reduce its environmental justice and public engagement functions, which would involve eliminating the standalone Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights.

Although the groups advising Project 2025 haven't explicitly endorsed a candidate, numerous individuals leading these groups or holding longstanding affiliations have strong connections to Trump, having previously served in his administration.

Source: NBC News


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