Judge postpones Trump’s hush-money criminal trial for 30 days, citing dump of last-minute evidence

by | Mar 15, 2024

Judge Juan Manuel Merchan has granted a 30-day delay for President Trump's hush-money criminal trial, pushing it to at least mid-April. This decision comes after Trump's lawyers requested more time to review newly obtained evidence obtained from a previous federal investigation into the matter.

A hearing is scheduled for March 25 to discuss the evidence dump, with the trial originally set to commence on the same day.

Trump's lawyers have stated that they received tens of thousands of pages of evidence in the last two weeks from the U.S. attorney's office in Manhattan, which investigated the hush money arrangement during Trump's presidency.

This evidence reportedly contains records related to Michael Cohen, a former Trump lawyer who is now a prosecution witness, which Trump's lawyers claim are “exculpatory and favorable to the defense.” However, prosecutors have countered that most of the newly provided material is “largely irrelevant to the subject matter of this case,” although some records are relevant.

Source: AP News

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