DOJ examined transactions connected to Jim Biden in ongoing criminal investigation

by | Mar 26, 2024

According to sources familiar with the matter, federal investigators in South Florida recently scrutinized transactions associated with Jim Biden as part of a criminal investigation. One of the sources confirmed that the investigation is still ongoing.

The probe in Florida is reportedly scrutinizing transactions believed to be associated with Jim Biden and his associates. These transactions are believed to have been a part of an endeavor to attract investments from Middle Eastern sources. The funds were intended to support Americore and other business ventures within the United States.

Inquiries conducted by investigators in Florida have targeted an agreement involving Jim Biden, as disclosed by one individual familiar with the case. Another source revealed that investigators have directed their attention to a sequence of loans extended to Americore by an investment fund overseen by an associate of Jim Biden. Last month, Jim Biden informed Congress that he had received compensation for facilitating some of those loans.

Justice Department officials prosecuting a Medicare fraud case in Pennsylvania were reportedly seeking information about the activities of Joe Biden's brother as recently as last year. This information was provided by a third source familiar with the case. All three sources requested anonymity to discuss these sensitive matters.

Both ongoing investigations have focused on Americore, a troubled hospital chain that Jim Biden collaborated with following Joe Biden's departure from the Obama administration.

In Pennsylvania, where a healthcare entrepreneur has admitted guilt in connection to an alleged fraud scheme, prosecutors assert that an Americore-affiliated hospital received tens of millions of dollars in improper Medicare reimbursements.

A recently uncovered lawsuit alleges that the payments received by Jim Biden were improper. Investors in the Third Friday Total Return Fund filed a complaint in Palm Beach County in 2022, accusing the fund's money manager of siphoning off millions of dollars through sham loans to Americore, with approximately $600,000 diverted to Jim Biden.

Notably, Jim Biden transferred $200,000 of the disputed funds to Joe Biden in a transaction categorized by him and the White House as a loan repayment. Some of the loans have an additional undisclosed connection to the Bidens. An email obtained by POLITICO reveals that George Mesires, a lawyer who has represented Jim and Hunter Biden, acted as counsel for the lender in certain scrutinized transactions.

Jim Biden is not named as a defendant in the Palm Beach suit.

Source: Politico



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