According to a bombshell filing, prosecutors claim FBI informant Alexander Smirnov lied to Joe and Hunter Biden about Ukrainian bribes and had high-level contacts with Russian intelligence operatives

by | Feb 20, 2024

(Jakub Krechowicz)

Prosecutors claim that former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov had high-level contacts with Russian intelligence operatives and lied about an alleged Biden family bribery scheme with Ukrainians.

He was accused of lying last week by Special Counsel David Weiss, who claimed that Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, had paid Joe Biden and his son Hunter $5 million in bribes.

If found guilty, Alexander Smirnov, 43, could spend up to 25 years in prison for making a false statement and fabricating evidence in connection with his statements to the FBI in 2020.

Prosecutors claim that Smirnov has “substantial foreign ties,” including, most troublingly and according to his own account, contact with foreign intelligence services, including Russian intelligence agencies, in a startling new filing.

Because those foreign contacts could resettle him outside the United States if he were released, federal prosecutors contend that the man should be detained.

Court records claim that Smirnov called the owner of Burisma in March 2017 to discuss the energy company's interest in buying a company in the US.

In his account of the conversation, Smirnov revealed to the FBI that “Businessperson 1” was a member of Burisma's board and was also the son of “Public Official 1.”

The indictment does not specifically name the defendants, but Hunter Biden and Joe Biden are said to be the suspects.

The indictment claims that after Biden ran for president three years later, in June 2020, Smirnov gave false information about him and Hunter.

Smirnov reported two meetings in 2015 or 2016.

The filing claims that Smirnov made the untrue claim that Burisma's executives told him during the meetings that Hunter had been hired to “protect us, through his dad, “from all kinds of problems.”

In reference to a criminal investigation being conducted by the then-Ukranian prosecutor general into Burisma, he added that they had specifically paid Joe and Hunter $5 million each while Hunter was still in office so that Hunter could “take care of all those issues through his dad. “

The events Smirnov reported in 2020 were fake, according to the indictment.

According to the indictment, Smirnov interacted with Burisma executives in 2017 following the dissolution of the Obama-Biden Administration and the firing of Ukraine's then-prosecutor general in February 2016.

The indictment states that Smirnov expressed bias against Biden and his presidential candidacy in 2017 and later turned his ‘routine’ business dealings with Burisma into bribery accusations.

The indictment alleges that Smirnov promoted a new false narrative after he claimed to have met with Russian officials and repeated some of his false claims when the FBI interviewed him in September 2023.

(Source: Daily Mail)



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