House Republicans insist John Kerry reveal details on “shadow diplomacy” with Iran during Trump admin

by | Mar 15, 2024

House Republicans are demanding that John Kerry disclose details about his self-described “shadow diplomacy” with Iran during the Trump administration.

The five GOP members are asking Kerry to furnish all records of his “private correspondence” with Javad Zarif, the former Iranian foreign minister. They argue that comprehending the content of these communications is essential. They assert that discussions regarding the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration may have potentially violated the Logan Act.

The group of republicans includes Representatives Brian Mast and Byron Donalds (R-FL), Keith Self (R-TX), and Gary Palmer (R-AL). They are seeking reassurance from Kerry that he will discontinue his “shadow diplomacy” if Trump returns to office.

During a radio interview in 2018, Kerry admitted to meeting Zarif “three or four times” after serving as Obama's Secretary of State. He stated that the focus of these meetings was to encourage Iran to play a positive role in improving the situation in the Middle East.

In their recent letter, the GOP lawmakers unfavorably compare Kerry's actions to then-Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy's negotiations with the Soviets, implying that history may not view Kerry's clandestine efforts favorably. They emphasize the importance of preventing any future private diplomatic endeavors that could inadvertently bolster Iran's strength.

The Logan Act, established in 1799 during President John Adams' tenure, prohibits private individuals from engaging in unauthorized communication with foreign governments to influence their interactions with the United States.

Read the letter to Kerry here.

Source: The National Pulse



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