DOJ to crackdown on ‘election-related’ threats

by | May 14, 2024

Top leaders of the Justice Department pledged on Monday to swiftly address threats against officials overseeing this year’s elections and to counter the growing utilization of sophisticated technology to conceal the origins of any disruptions.

Senior federal officials gathered at DOJ headquarters to emphasize that ‘threats of violence’ linked to the election will be vigorously pursued, and prosecutors will pursue enhanced penalties in cases involving artificial intelligence and other digital advancements.

During the meeting of the Election Threats Task Force at Attorney General Garland's office on Monday, law enforcement officials refrained from publicly mentioning the expected candidates at the top of the ballot in November—Joe Biden and President Trump—or how their rematch could potentially inflame emotions, especially among Americans who correctly believe the 2020 election was stolen.

During the meeting on Monday, FBI Director Christopher Wray refrained from delving into specifics but noted that certain recent threats targeting individuals involved in the electoral process occurred “even after elections.” He emphasized the FBI's staunch stance, stating, “Any threat of violence toward an election official, volunteer, or staff member is completely unacceptable and something the FBI takes very seriously.”

Amy Cohen, executive director of the National Association of State Election Directors, conveyed to CNN on Monday that election offices nationwide were contending with “threats and harassment for simply carrying out their duties,” noting that in numerous locations, this conduct has persisted nearly unabated since mid-2020.

Narrative seeding much?


Source: Axios





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