$1.2 trillion funding bill passes Senate, heads to Biden

by | Mar 23, 2024

Early Saturday morning, the Senate voted 74-24 to pass a comprehensive $1.2 trillion government funding bill, despite heated last-minute negotiations that led senators to exceed the midnight deadline to prevent a shutdown.

However, the funding interruption was brief and procedural, with no significant consequences, as the White House announced it had halted shutdown preparations following a Senate agreement. This agreement was reached after Republicans insisted on votes for several proposed amendments.

The bill, which was approved by the House with a vote of 268-134 on Friday morning, is now heading to Joe Biden's desk for his signature, as he has expressed his intention to sign it.

Upon the bill's enactment into law, the entire government will receive funding until the end of September. This follows Congress's recent approval of a $459 billion funding installment earlier this month. The total spending allocation for the fiscal year amounts to $1.659 trillion.

The newly approved package will fund various government departments, including the State Department, Defense Department, Department of Labor, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Homeland Security.

Source: NBC News



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