Trump hush money trial to begin in New York

by | Apr 15, 2024

On Monday, the first-ever criminal trial of an American president is set to commence as prosecutors and defense attorneys gather in a Manhattan courtroom to initiate the jury selection process for Trump’s hush money case

The jury selection process might extend for two weeks or beyond, potentially pushing the trial into June. Trump is anticipated to be present in the courtroom for a significant portion of the proceedings.

Hundreds of potential jurors have received summons, though most will likely be dismissed. Justice Merchan intends to excuse jurors who express bias or an unwillingness to serve. The remaining candidates will respond to 42 pre-trial questions, covering topics such as their media consumption habits, affiliation with movements like QAnon or Antifa, and whether they've read any of Mr. Cohen's books.

Each side will have a limited number of juror strikes without explanation. Additionally, lawyers can request jurors be removed “for cause” by providing specific reasons for their perceived bias. Ultimately, twelve jurors, along with several alternates, will be selected for the trial.

Alvin Bragg, who hails from the same prosecutor's office as Trump's defense attorneys Mr. Blanche and Mr. Bove, has gathered a legal team that includes some of the same lawyers who brought convictions against President Trump's company.

The list of potential witnesses set to be revealed in court on Monday is anticipated to include individuals reminiscent of Mr. Trump's campaign aides, employees, and acquaintances from the 2016 era. Alongside Mr. Cohen, Mr. Bragg's office is likely to call David Pecker, the former publisher of the National Enquirer, and Hope Hicks, a former campaign and White House aide to President Trump. Ms. Daniels may also be called as a witness.

Trump stated on Friday his intention to testify in his defense, although this remains uncertain.

Source: The New York Times



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