Kate Buckley

The Kate Awakening

Kate Buckley

Kate has been a prominent voice in the truth movement since 2018. A once uninvolved, disinterested stay-at-home mom living in Southern California, she had a rapid awakening sparked by the Q operation, and it fueled in her a thirst for research in an eclectic array of topics, and a passion for speaking out for the truth. Soon after her awakening, she started her YouTube channel, “The Kate Awakening,” which has been banned, along with her accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and multiple other platforms.

Her belief that this is a spiritual war leads to a more zoomed-out perspective on the “why” of what’s happening and what we can actually do about it. She is more guided by the idea of changing the world through cultivating ourselves as individuals and the ripple effect we have on the planet when we ground ourselves in honesty, integrity, and a hopeful spirit. As a mom, she is staunchly focused on fighting back against the woke ideology and backward values being pushed on children and their future well-being. She’s also a firm believer in ridding ourselves of everything toxic we consume, not just in our food and products, but what we watch, listen to, and expose ourselves to. She had no desire to be in “media” but felt called to be of service and help wake people up during this critical time on our planet—The Great Awakening!


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