Gordon McCormick

Gordon McCormick

“All history is interpretation.”

-Gordon's college Russian History professor

With a deep passion for history that began with music and led to a career in architecture and construction, Gordon McCormick– aka GhostofBasedPatrickHenry– developed an understanding that all aspects of culture and human civilization across the world are far more connected than many people realize. After studying art/architecture at one of the most liberal college campuses in the country, and then history at one of the most conservative campuses, Gordon saw first-hand that people really aren't as different as the zeitgeist purports.

When he was first introduced to the concept of hidden truth in 2012– that the media and academic establishments lie to the public– the world began to make a lot more sense to Gordon.

After watching his younger brother succumb to brain cancer in 2016, and his older brother murdered and betrayed by a friend just a year later, Gordon spent all of Donald Trump's first term as president in an intense public battle to expose the truth as well as corruption of the local government. Truly, a war of stories and public narratives, but also a number of twists that were stranger than fiction. Though the murder trial wouldn't resolve until 2022, the fight with the corrupt government officials culminated in 2019, when Gordon led what the local media described as a “Community Revulsion” against the corrupt prosecutor, resulting in a landslide electoral defeat of historic proportions.

In a news broadcast that aired throughout Virginia on November 6, 2019, Gordon warned the public: “I think people underestimate how important local elections are. When it comes to your day-to-day life, it's the local government that has the final say in what happens [to you],” insisting that the public unite and become vigilant against corrupt politicians.

Three months later, the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Ever since then, even as his brother's murder trial unfolded in the public eye, Gordon became resolute in his belief that the American People must unite in order to destroy the corrupt political establishment, along with the ecosystem that preserves it.


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