Brian Lupo, “CannCon”, is a business owner turned Marine combat veteran turned journalist and podcaster.  The name “CannCon” is short for Cannabis Conservative.  A huge proponent of medical cannabis for combat veterans suffering from PTSD and other ailments, he was in a documentary called, “Unprescribed,” written by Steve Elmore and featuring Boone Cutler.

CannCon started podcasting after the death of George Floyd and the insinuating racial divide was promoted heavier than ever by the mainstream. Promoting the idea of focusing on politicians rather than each other, he began doing short videos on issues in local communities heavily impacted by the riots.

From there, the stolen 2020 election became a primary focus.  Election fraud was rampant, and no one was covering it. He focused on broadcasting the facts and worked at discovering more evidence. He has worked with prominent figures in the movement of election integrity, COVID, and pushing back against the globalist push.

He was banned from YouTube days after being a target in a Media Matters hit piece in June of 2021 amidst the Maricopa County audit.

In August of 2022, he began writing for The Gateway Pundit and has broken stories about ballot harvesting in Tarrant County, TX; poll pads adding voters in Harris County, TX; the federalization efforts between the DHS and local election officers in our elections; and the system errors found in Georgia counties throughout the 2020 and 2022 election.


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