Trump’s immunity claims rejected as untimely in hush money case

by | Apr 3, 2024

Judge Merchan has dismissed President Trump’s assertions of presidential immunity in his hush money case. The filing states that Trump was tardy in his timing and waited too long to raise the defense, declining to hold off ruling until the Supreme Court has weighed in on the issue.

Scheduled for April 15, this trial is poised to make history as the first criminal trial involving a former U.S. president.

Merchan’s decision advances Trump’s hush money prosecution closer to trial. However, Trump still has a pending attempt to postpone the schedule due to “prejudicial pretrial publicity.”

The decision comes as the judge involved made headlines this week when it was discovered that an undeniable conflict of interest existed between the judge’s daughter and Adam Schiff. Schiff apparently paid Merchan’s daughter’s firm millions at the same time he was leading an impeachment inquiry against Trump, using Michael Cohen’s help. Cohen is the main witness in the hush money case.

Source: The Hill



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