In Trump’s $355 million civil fraud case, the president’s attorney wants to propose a “counter-judgment”: court documents

by | Feb 21, 2024

According to court records, President Donald Trump's attorney on Wednesday requested the opportunity to propose a “counter-judgment” in the $355 million civil fraud trial for his client.

In a letter to Justice Arthur Engoron in New York City's civil court, Clifford Robert complained about the landmark decision that also forbade Trump from conducting business there for three years.

Robert contends that before the decision was filed, Trump was “deprived “of the opportunity to object.

The instruction considers notice to the opponent so that both parties may either agree on a draft or prepare counter proposals to be resolved before the court, according to Robert, “because the decision ordinarily entails more complicated relief. “

In order to give the defendants enough time to submit a proposed counter-judgment, the defendants ask the court to set a return date for the proposed judgment.

In stark contrast to the outraged letter Robert sent to Engoron earlier this month accusing the judge of “unprecedented, inappropriate, and troubling antics,” Robert signs his letter with a “respectfully.”

In his own scathing letter, Engoron responded to that message by describing Robert's letter as completely out of bounds, noting that since the beginning of this case, “you and your co-counsel have been questioning my impartiality, presumably because I sometimes rule against your clients, Engoron wrote.

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