Russia launches ‘financing terrorism’ investigation into Western countries

by | Apr 9, 2024

Russia has initiated an investigation into “financing terrorism,” implicating Western nations, alleging that funds received by US firms operating in Ukraine, including one that employed Joe Biden's son, were utilized for “terrorism acts” within Russia.

Moscow's Investigative Committee stated that it is examining the origins of income amounting to millions of dollars and the potential involvement of particular individuals from government officials and public commercial entities in Western nations. It referenced Burisma Holdings, a company that employed Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden.

Moscow is accusing the Ukrainian gas company of financing terorrist attacks in Russia, aiming to eliminate prominent Russian political and public figures, as well as inflicting economic damage. The agency claims to be tracking down ties between the ‘direct perpetrators’ of these attacks, as well as their ‘foreign overseers, sponsors, and organizers.’

The Investigative Committee's announcement, although not specifying the terrorist attacks suspected of being funded by Western organizations, coincides with Russian officials' persistent assertions that Ukraine and the West played a role in the deadly Crocus City Hall attack last month.

Source: Barrons

Source: The Moscow Times






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