New information from security expert raises more questions about J6 bomb

by | Feb 20, 2024

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A fascinating new report on the Jan. 6 bomb case was released by Michael Shellenberger and Alex Gutentag on Public.

Some notable points include the fact that if the bombs had been planted the previous night, they might not have even detonated since they had one-hour kitchen timers, among other intriguing aspects. The new report mentions a surveillance video that Julie Kelly reportedly saw showing an officer and dog sweeping the DNC grounds just before the bomb was discovered. How could they have missed it?

However, the Secret Service did not appear to be alarmed when it was discovered, allegedly by a Capitol Police officer. The bomb raises numerous questions, one of which is whether it was actually an “RNC” bomb.

The FBI may be misrepresenting the location of the alleged bomb, claims an experienced security analyst who has come forward with a report for Congressmen.

The bomber didn’t go around the RNC building, according to the expert. Why then is it an “RNC bomb” as opposed to a “Capitol Hill Club bomb “?

The texts from the Secret Service that were deleted raise more questions. According to the FBI, cell phone information that could have assisted in identifying the bomber was corrupted. Independent experts have deemed the Secret Service's assertion that all of its agents text messages from January 6 were deleted to be “highly unusual, “” not something any other organization would ever do, “and “ludicrous.”

Remember that despite showing the bomber walking through the alley where the “RNC bomb” was planted and sitting at the bench close to the DNC bomb, they have not released the video they would have of either bomb's planting.

Concerns about Karlin Younger's discovery of the “RNC bomb” were also raised by the security expert. According to the report, Younger was employed by FirstNet, an FBI security contractor, at the time. Attorney General Merrick Garland and DHS director Alejandro Mayorkas are now members of the US government's board of directors at FirstNet.

Younger, according to the security expert, was unreasonably composed and never expressed any worry.

Younger claimed to have saw a tangle of wires in an article. A six-inch pipe with caps on both ends was visible when she got closer. Then she noticed a timer with the number 20 minutes stuck on it. A radial dial was used.

Concerns about her actions were raised by the security analyst.

The security expert observed that one would assume even the slightest hint that the object might be a bomb would be enough to get her to leave the device. This, however, did not occur. Younger chose to read the timer's dial by leaning into the bomb. It indicated 20.

The expert also questioned how she missed it three times before noticing it again.

Younger asserts that she first informed the Capitol Hill Club of the bomb,  but no one was there. She claims that after that, she reported what she had seen to a security guard in the RNC building next door.

Younger claims that after the police were alerted by a security guard, she overheard someone say, “Get to the DNC,” while she was standing outside. The security analyst notes that the Capitol Police radio traffic did not record this statement.

If that were the case, why wouldn’t  that be documented? And why would the police's initial response be to bring up the DNC? Given that this is a crucial question, why would the FBI withhold the video of the bombs being planted?

Source: RedState

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