The Missouri Supreme Court has upheld the state Senate map, dismissing redistricting lawsuit

by | Feb 15, 2024

On Wednesday, the Missouri Supreme Court, with a divided opinion, upheld the voting districts designed for the state Senate. The court dismissed a legal challenge asserting that mapmakers should have prioritized keeping communities intact to a greater extent.

With a 5-2 ruling, the high court's decision signifies that the districts, initially implemented in the 2022 elections, will persist for this year's elections and beyond. This case was among approximately a dozen ongoing across the country challenging state legislative or congressional boundaries following the 2020 census.

Although a Republican Senate committee endorsed the Senate map implemented in 2022 by a panel of appeals court judges, a GOP House committee aligned with Democratic voters advocating for the districts to be nullified. The lawsuit contended that mapmakers erred by dividing Buchanan County in western Missouri and the St. Louis suburb of Hazelwood into multiple districts.

The focus was on revised redistricting criteria endorsed by voters through a 2020 constitutional amendment. The Supreme Court affirmed that a trial judge appropriately determined that the constitution prioritizes “compact” districts over maintaining community integrity within districts. The majority opinion was authored by Judge Kelly Broniec, one of Republican Gov. Mike Parson's recent appointees.

Source: Fox News



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