Hunter Biden assisted CCP Company attempt to acquire U.S. Nuclear Reactor manufacturer

by | Mar 18, 2024

Hunter Biden attempted to aid a CCP-linked company, CEFC China Energy Co., in acquiring a U.S. nuclear reactor manufacturer in 2016, as evidenced by a strategy memo and testimony provided to the House impeachment inquiry.

CEFC, closely associated with the CCP, was chaired by Ye Jianming, who paid Hunter a $1 million retainer fee for legal services in 2017. Additionally, Hunter received a significant diamond from Ye in February 2017, valued at around $80,000.

Lawmakers obtained a memo indicating that CEFC's intention was to leverage Hunter's connection to the Obama White House to facilitate the contentious deal while keeping the transaction between CEFC and Westinghouse, the nuclear reactor manufacturer, discreet.

Recent memos and testimony obtained by congressional investigators shed light on a plan aimed at assisting CEFC in expanding its presence in the global nuclear energy market through the acquisition of Westinghouse. According to Rob Walker, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, Hunter himself was implicated in the scheme, purportedly providing a letter to reassure the Chinese regarding the plan's feasibility.

The strategy was meant to create a buffer between CEFC, a company linked to the Chinese Communist Party and integral to its energy strategy, and the renowned U.S.-based energy firm.

James Biden, brother of Joe Biden, disclosed to the FBI in 2023 that efforts were made by his family to assist CEFC in acquiring a U.S. liquid natural gas facility in Louisiana. James stated that he collaborated with Louisiana state officials to streamline regulatory processes in favor of the deal. However, despite these efforts, the deal ultimately fell through.

House investigators initiated an inquiry into the Biden family in November 2022, uncovering financial transactions involving Joe Biden, James Biden, and Hunter Biden. Additionally, it was revealed that nine other Biden family members received payments from the family's foreign business ventures, including two of Joe Biden's grandchildren.

Source: Breitbart




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