Content Training

The purpose of providing Badlander content is to give everyday
Americans another way to spread the word about the Great Awakening,
by distributing content locally and leading people to Badlands Media. 

You will find printables (flyers, stickers, doorhangers), and video clips. 

Printable Instructions

1. When you find a document you want to print, click on the red “Download” button to download the file to your computer/phone/tablet. 
2. You have 3 options for printing: print on your home printer, order online, or have a local print shop print the items. 
3. Print as many as you want and distribute anywhere you lawfully can!

Video Instructions

1. When you find a video you want to share, click on the red “Download” button to download the file to your computer/phone/tablet.
2. Go to any social media platform and upload the video file.
3. Feel free to write a caption on the post or just upload the video and post it.
4. Add the tag #badlanders before posting. 


Tips For Not Getting Censored

1. By sharing a video file instead of a video url (like a Rumble link), social media platforms cannot ban that link…they can only censor your account but not block the video from everyone. 
2. Avoid “hot” words in your captions like: 
Election Fraud

Here is an example post of someone getting around the censorship surrounding the vaccines and COVID tests: 

Together we can spread truth using each of our own social media accounts and getting the word out to our local communities. We are the silent majority NO MORE!


For questions and comments please email: 
hello at badlandsmedia dot org