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Harmonize your health with sound frequencies

🗸 Alleviate anxiety and stress

🗸 Stimulate changes in cognitive skills and memory

🗸 Induce sleep by neutralizing worries and stresses that hinder sleep.

 Can be used for:

ADHD • Addiction • PTSD • Anxiety • Stress • Depression

What Our Customers Say 

“After struggling with anxiety for years, I decided to give the BAUD a try, and I’m beyond impressed with the results. The ability to regulate my emotions through sound has been life-changing. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my anxiety, and I feel more in control of my emotions.” – Emily S.

“As someone living with ADHD, finding effective treatments has been a constant struggle. After starting the BAUD as part of my therapy, I’ve experienced significant improvement in my focus and attention span. The BAUD has made a noticeable difference in my daily life. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an innovative approach to managing ADHD.”
-Jason M.
“Dealing with PTSD and anxiety has been an ongoing battle for me, but the BAUD has been a game-changer. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in my symptoms and a greater sense of calmness since incorporating the BAUD. I’m incredibly grateful for this device.” – Sarah W.

Introducing the BAUD Device!

(BioAcoustical Utilization Device)

  • Syncs sonic waves with brain frequencies for enhanced therapy.
  • Elevates mood levels through music and drum frequencies.
  • Offers easy self-regulation with portable design.
  • Safe sonic frequencies ensure effective therapy.
  • Guides users to find optimal frequencies for desired effects.
  • Boosts concentration, memory, and metabolism for a healthier you!

Unlock the power of BAUD for better mental health and pain management today!

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We Also Have 3 Mobile Apps:


iBAUD aligns sonic waves with brain frequencies for therapy.

Integrating iBAUD aids in regulating brain waves and mood.

Music and drum rhythms positively impact mood levels.

External frequencies influence body functions.

iBAUD brings BAUD’s benefits to iPhone and iPad.

iBAUD is a proven relaxation tool using sound frequencies.

*not supported by Android or Windows at this time



iNeuro40+ combines 40Hz sound, binaural frequencies, and rhythmic stimulation.

Professional version allows customization for ear balance and waveform.

Feedback tool allows users to provide session data for validation.

Research supports potential benefits of 40Hz on cognitive function.

iNeuro40+ leverages specific waveforms for optimal experience.

Rhythmic stimulation aims to enhance immune system and provide relaxation.

*not supported by Android or Windows at this time


Brain Zleeper

Brain Zleeper resets brain activity to sleep state (Delta) without pills or electrical currents.

Brain operates in five states, including Delta for sleep (0.3-4 Hz).

Often, inability to sleep is due to brain not shifting to sleep mode.

Brain Zleeper induces Delta pattern externally with sound waves.

User sets frequencies, places device in sock for comfort, and relaxes for better sleep.

*not supported by Android or Windows at this time


About BAUD Energetics

BAUD Energetics is an America-First Company

BAUD Energetics, founded with a mission to improve global wellness, addresses shortcomings in the US healthcare system, which ranks 42nd in quality of care despite high expenditures. While medical focus in the US primarily centers on surgery and pharmaceuticals, BAUD Energetics envisions a future model integrating digitized organ and energy systems to predict and prevent diseases. Dr. Frank Lawlis’s expertise lies in this innovative approach, drawing from ancient healing practices and modern brain frequency research.

Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology, BAUD Energetics explores interventions based on sound and light frequencies to modulate brain states and energy shifts. Partnering with technologists, Dr. G. Frank Lawlis and T. Frank Lawlis aim to develop accessible wellness solutions that harmonize body energies without disrupting natural flow. Their vision responds to urgent global challenges, advocating for a balanced approach to healing that aligns with the rhythms of the universe.

As humanity faces environmental and health crises, BAUD Energetics offers a holistic path forward, emphasizing the activation of innate healing forces through natural means. With an integrated philosophical foundation and scientific mathematical model, BAUD seeks to revolutionize wellness, providing sustainable choices for a healthier future.


Who created the BAUD Device?

Dr. G. Frank Lawlis, Ph.D.
Dr. Lawlis has focused on clinical and research methods of the mind-body relationship since 1968 when he received his Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in medical psychology and rehabilitation. He was awarded the Diplomate (A.B.P.P.) in both Counseling Psychology and Clinical Psychology. He also received the status of Fellow from the American Psychological Association for his scientific contributions to the field of clinical psychology and behavioral medicine, as well as other awards for his pioneering research in this field. Having served on five prestigious medical school faculties in the Departments of Psychiatry, Orthopedic Surgery, and Rehabilitation Medicine and five graduate psychology faculties, he has blazed new studies and approaches in the care of patients with chronic and acute pain, cancer and psychosomatic problems. The Medical Schools attended were New York Medical Center (1967-68), Texas Tech Medical School (1973-75), Universities of Texas Health Center (UTHC) at San Antonio (1975-76), UTHC at Dallas (1979-89) and Stanford Medical School (1991-93). Dr. Lawlis has authored and co-authored more than 100 articles and chapters as well as four textbooks; Imagery and Disease (IPAT: Champaign, Ill., 1984), Bridges of the Bodymind (IPAT, 1980), Transpersonal Medicine (Shambhala Publ., Boston, 1996), The Mosby Textbook on Alternative Medicine (Mosby, 2001), The ADD Answer, and his latest work, The IQ Answer.

Do I need headphones?

The units are packaged with stereo earbuds using a standard 3.5 mm plug. Alternatively, the listener could use any industry standard headphone (32 ohm); although, the earbuds provide ample listening “pleasure.” Batteries (2 x “AA”) are not included.

For mobile app users, any headphones that you can use with your mobile device will work.

What's the difference between the BAUD and the iBAUD?

The hardware device is built with a design that makes it easy and natural to use, like turning a knob. Its reliability and user-friendly design have made it a popular choice. However, the app offers a more modern interface and can replace the hardware device in many ways. Yet, sometimes using the app on a screen and interacting with it isn’t as straightforward as using the hardware device.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

We are happy to answer any questions you have. Please send us a message here.

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cure or prevent any disease. If you have any medical concerns, please consult a healthcare professional.